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Noor Pictures

In addition to working as lead researcher on various feature projects in development, I also worked on the Academy Award-nominated THEEB, winner of the BAFTA for outstanding British debut, and the Golden Lion at the 2014 Venice Film festival. I co-managed the film's global social media campaign for several months, assisted on promotion of the film's UK theatrical release, and acted as Personal Assistant to Theeb's director, Naji Abu Nowar, as he attended the film's Q&A screening tour of Great Britain.

TG4/ Touchline Media

I was involved in the post-production of Irish-language documentary Jump Girls for Touchline Media. I was responsible for managing the extensive archive of race footage, among other duties. The two-part event will be broadcast on TG4 February 21st and 28th, and available worldwide on TG4 Player.

The Boy From Mushin

I was social media coordinator for a feature-length documentary seeking funding on kickstarter, and also assisted in the fundraising process. It tells the story of Bisi Alimi, who put his life on the line when he came out as gay live on Nigerian television. Bisi is a renowned activist and the director has years of experience in commercials and documentary filmmaking.

SeeThink Films

Worked as a remote research intern for a new Documentary project currently in post-production, from the Director of Darkon and Breaking A Monster.

TASTE with Kevin Longa

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign for TASTE Europe, Kevin Longa is embarking on a second series for which I was a research intern. My experience covers North, South and Central America, as well as serval countries in Southeast Asia.

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