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4Heads Ltd was a content agency that I co-founded, based in Canterbury, England. Our clients included Barclays and Seniors Helping Seniors. I directed almost all of our commercials, including all the ones below. In each one I acted as producer and was responsible for managing our budgets and coordinating post-production.

With my production partners- Edward Lomas and Dominik Platen- we followed around the University of Kent's American Football team, the Kent Falcons, for their 2016/17 season. The resulting documentary, Britball, captures triumph, failure, friendship and family, as new faces learn the ropes and old veterans bid farewell. The film was part of the official selection for Canterbury University Film Festival, and is currently awaiting acceptance in other festivals worldwide.

Password: britball18

Land of Barry is a comedy double-act of which I am one half. I have written all of our shorts so far, as well as produced our radio show and podcast. Our last short, 'The Hunt for McGuffin's Gold", featured a prologue called "Traitor to the King", which features Bruce Langley, star of the upcoming American Gods series on Starz, and was part of the official selection for the South West London International Film Festival, and was shortlisted for the KisaKes Film Festival in Istanbul.

Our latest short, entirely self-financed and featuring an international cast and crew whose work includes "Assassin's Creed", "Star Wars" and "Godzilla",has been made in association with Shadowcam and will be released in late 2018. We recently released an American co-production featuring a primarily American cast & crew.

Created and produced in the USA with an American team, "Nightmare Hole" was a dark comedic collaboration between myself and various filmmakers based in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. Featuring the disturbed host Donald attempting to present a children's TV show, I directed the first episode and we have already shot the second of multiple episodes that will be produced constantly for the next few years and directed by a roster of filmmakers from the American Midwest.

I recently directed a sketch for comedy character Odious Vex, the "edgy" teenage wordsmith from Swindon trying to become the next Carol Ann Duffy. This video is being shown at all performances of Odious's nationwide tour

"An Arts Council Grant Don't Come For Free".

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