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The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid

I assisted in the Irish distribution and marketing for multiple award-winning documentary The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid, promoting and attending Q&A screening across the country, as well as being responsible for all deliverables, and devising and running the film's social media campaign

The Darkest Universe

I was part of the team that marketed and distributed The Darkest Universe to video-on-demand and select cinemas nationwide. It is the second feature from Will Sharpe (Creator and Star of Channel 4's hit show Flowers) and Tom Kingsley, the filmmaking duo behind the BAFTA-Nominated film Black Pond. It was recently nominated for a BIFA award.

Theeb Soundtrack

I was almost singlehandedly responsible for the distribution of the soundtrack to the Academy Award-nominated THEEB, winner of the BAFTA for outstanding British debut, and the Golden Lion at the 2014 Venice Film festival. I negotiated and communicated with digital aggregators for the soundtrack's release on all digital platforms to every territory but the middle east region.

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